The best women handball players in the world: awards and achievements

The best women handball players in the world: awards and achievements

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Handball is a dynamic and exciting sport in which women have achieved significant success on the international stage. In this article, we take a look at the most prominent women handball players, their career achievements and contributions to the sport.

Nora Mørk – Norwegian superstar

Nora Mørk is one of the most talented handball players of our time, playing for the Norwegian national team and various clubs across Europe. Her technique, marksmanship and game vision have earned her international recognition and numerous awards.

Major achievements:

  • Olympic Games: Gold medal in Rio de Janeiro 2016.
  • World Championships: Multiple gold medals with the Norwegian national team.
  • EHF Champions League: Wins with clubs from Norway and Hungary.
  • Mørk is known not only for her athletic achievements, but also for her strong character that has overcome many injuries.

Christina Neumann-Larsen is a Danish defense star

Christina Neumann-Larsen, an outstanding Danish handball player, is central to her team’s defense. Her ability to read the game and block opponents has made her one of the best defenders in handball history.

Main achievements:

  • European Championships: Wins and high places as a member of the Danish national team.
  • Danish Handball League: Many titles with the Copenhagen club.

Heidi Løke is a world-class goalkeeper

Heidi Løke, a Norwegian handball player who occupies the position of goalkeeper, is known for her ability to deflect the most difficult shots. Her incredible reflexes and ability to predict her opponents’ actions have earned her fame as one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Major Achievements:

  • Olympic medals: Gold and bronze at various Olympic Games.
  • World and European Championships: Many medals in international competitions.

Isabelle Gulden – Swedish attacking powerhouse

Isabelle Gulden, a Swedish attacking handball player, is known for her ability to score under pressure. Her outstanding playing qualities and incredible shot accuracy have helped her win a number of significant honors in international handball.

Major achievements:

  • European Championships: The Swedish national team has been a regular medalist at European championships, and Gulden often stands out as one of the best players in the tournament.
  • EGF Champions League: Isabel has also led her clubs to success in the European club tournament with excellent results at club level.


Women in world handball continue to demonstrate the highest level of skill and professionalism. Their contributions to the sport and outstanding achievements in the arena make them not just leaders in their teams, but also sources of inspiration for the next generations of young female athletes. Players like Nora Mørk, Christina Neumann-Larsen, Heidi Löcke and Isabelle Goulden make an invaluable contribution to women’s handball, promoting its popularity and visibility on an international level.

These athletes prove that women can achieve high results in handball, overcoming all barriers and expectations. Their careers exemplify how determination, perseverance and talent can lead to success at the highest levels of sporting competition. In this way, they not only win matches, but also help change the public perception of women’s sport by promoting equality and inclusion in sporting disciplines around the world.